Is this course for you?

This course aims to help aspiring authors publish their own non-fiction book within 30-90 days...... even if you have a full-time job and/or a busy family life!

  • Do you have a brilliant idea for a non-fiction book but don’t know where to start?

  • Have you started writing your book but can’t find the time or energy to finish it?

  • Does the thought of self-publishing make you feel overwhelmed because of the amount of extra work you need to do after you’ve finished writing?

Get into the right mindset to start writing, take consistent action, and hit that publish button within 30-90 days! 

This course breaks down the process of writing and self-publishing into simple, actionable steps to avoid overwhelm.

Develop effective writing habits, set realistic timelines, and take concrete steps to self-publishing.

This course will help you to transform your existing knowledge into a high-value, self-selling, non-fiction book.

I know we’re all busy and we just want to get on with it...

Action takers only!

  • This course is for ACTION TAKERS, not information seekers.

    This course doesn’t boast 100+ hours of informational videos... or thousands of PDF worksheets that take you out of your writing.

  • This course is designed to encourage you to take consistent action, even if you have a super hectic schedule.

    It is action-focused and will give you a clear strategy (and a bit of tough love), so you can finish writing that book, once and for all.

Here's what you'll get by signing-up to this course

  • Clarity and action

    This course follows a simple and actionable plan that will guide you through the process of writing and self-publishing your book. The steps are bite-sized and easy to implement, so you can take focused and consistent action to get your book done.

  • Tools and contacts

    This course reveals the best tools for keyword and market research that will help you nail that winning topic for your book. It also includes a directory of top-notch editors, cover designers and book promoters to help you launch your book to #1 status on Amazon.

  • Accountability and support

    You will also have access to our friendly Self-Publishing Made Simple Facebook Community. We hold weekly accountability sessions and LIVE "ask me anything" sessions to help you unblock on-going challenges in your writing and self-publishing journey.

Course modules