Is this course for you?

This course aims to help successful entrepreneurs, coaches, and visionaries publish their own non-fiction book and launch it to #1 Best-Seller on Amazon...... even if you have a full-time job and/or a busy family life!

  • Do you have a brilliant idea for a non-fiction book but don’t know how to get it published?

  • Have you started writing your book but you're scared to launch it for fear that it will flop?

  • Do you want to serve your audience but you don't know how to promote your book so your readers will find you?

Self-Publishing Made Simple is right for you if you want to...


    You hold valuable information that can deeply SERVE other people


    You want to promote your business and become the recognized go-to EXPERT in your field


    You want to explore how self-publishing can help you EARN extra income for your family


    You have a powerful life story that can MOTIVATE and INSPIRE


    You've always wanted to become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR but never had the chance to make it happen

#1 Best-selling author of

Dr Catherine Sykes

#1 Best-selling author of "Slim Mind" and "Exhausted"

“Dr Estacio coached me from start to finish and my book got to #1 best-seller in 4 categories. It was so good to have Emee at my side offering her insights, guidance and support. I could not have done this without her encouraging and motivating me along the way. A worthwhile investment.”

Get into the right MINDSET so you can stop procrastinating, start writing, and hit that publish button in 90 days or less! 

Develop effective writing HABITS, set realistic timelines, and take concrete steps to write and self-publish your book on Amazon.

Let's break it down into SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE STEPS so you can take it a step at a time and avoid feeling overwhelmed.


I know we’re all busy and we just want to get on with it...

Action takers only!

  • This program is for ACTION TAKERS, not information seekers.

    This course doesn’t boast 100+ hours of informational videos... or thousands of PDF worksheets that take you out of your writing.

  • This program is designed to encourage you to take consistent action, even if you have a super hectic schedule.

    It is action-focused and will give you a clear strategy (and a bit of tough love), so you can finish writing that book, once and for all.

Fundamentals of Homecare

Glenn Lapoint

Fundamentals of Homecare

“The Self-Publishing Made Simple Course is very helpful and encouraging with lots of guidance to succeed. The site has always worked flawlessly. Most online courses are incredibly difficult to retake. I find this one very easy to follow. The accountability and support in the group is also valuable -- keeps me moving forward! ”
Mr and Mrs Know How

Symon Cope

Mr and Mrs Know How

“I had an awesome coaching session with Emee this week. Have been doing the homework set me over the last couple of days. There’s nothing better than modelling successful people. And that’s what I’m doing. Setting goals with Emee and following through. If there are some of you who haven’t had a chance yet to be coached by Emee, I would thoroughly recommend it.”

Here's what you'll get by signing-up to this program


    You'll follow a SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE plan that will guide you through the entire writing and self-publishing process. We've designed the program into bite-sized and easy to implement steps so you can take one step at a time without the overwhelm.


    We will reveal the BEST TOOLS for keyword and market research that will help you nail that winning topic for your book. You will also have access to our directory of top-notch editors, cover designers and book promoters to help you launch your book to #1 best-seller status on Amazon.


    You will also have access to our FRIENDLY and SUPPORTIVE private Facebook Community. We hold weekly accountability sessions and LIVE "ask me anything" sessions to help you unblock on-going challenges in your writing and self-publishing journey.

The Program

  • 1
    Before we begin...
    • A message from your coach
    • Short survey: clarifying your goals and expectations
  • 3
    Module 2. Purpose: get into the right mindset and clarify your WHY
    • 2.1.a. Why do you want to write a book: clarifying your purpose
    • 2.1.b. Download "your purpose" template here
    • 2.2.a. Who is your book for: getting to know your audience
    • 2.2.b. Download your "reader avatar" template here
    • 2.3.a. What is your book about: creating your working title
    • 2.3.b. Keyword and working title research (activity)
    • 2.4. Who do you think you are: managing your imposter syndrome
  • 4
    Module 3. Action: it's time to let the words flow, baby!
    • 3.1.a. How to start writing and stop procrastinating
    • 3.1.b. Setting clear timelines and action plans (activity)
    • 3.2.a. How to create your book outline
    • 3.2.b. How to use the worksheet to create your outline (demo)
    • 3.3. Let's start writing
    • 3.4. Back-up and save!
  • 5
    Module 4. Momentum and Energy: keep it up without burning out!
    • 4.1. This is too hard: how to build resilience and manage writer's block
    • 4.2.a. Building your reading team
    • 4.2.b. Editor recommendations and launch team guidance (activity)
    • 4.3.a. Reading and refining your draft
    • 4.3.b. Do a quick edit of your draft (activity)
    • 4.4. Let it go and celebrate
  • 6
    Module 5. Get ready to publish
    • 5.1. The pre-launch sequence
    • 5.2. Craft your winning book title and sub-title (activity)
    • 5.3. Create your cover (activity)
    • 5.4. Prepare an enticing book description (activity)
    • 5.5.a. The secret to hitting the #1 spot on launch day (activity)
    • 5.5.b. Finding your book categories (demo)
    • 5.6. Formatting: Kindle, print, and audiobook (activity)
    • 5.7. Build your pre-launch buzz (activity)
    • 5.8. Prepare the FINAL version (activity)
    • 5.9. Oh, it's still not ready: overcoming perfectionism
  • 7
    Module 6. Publish your book
    • 6.1. Introduction to Kindle Direct Publishing
    • 6.2. It's time to upload your files (activity)
    • 6.3. It's still not over: what to do when your book goes LIVE (activity)
  • 8
    Module 7. Launch that book to success!
    • 7.1. It's not just for friends and family: how to sell your book like a pro
    • 7.2. BONUS: Maximizing your book's reach, impact, and revenue
  • 9
    Before you go...
    • How did we do?
#1 Best-Selling Author,

Tawnie Breaux

#1 Best-Selling Author, "Women In Power"

"This is the best class ever! There is a process to becoming a best seller and Emee guides you each step of the way! I would recommend this class to anyone with a book in their hearts! This dream will come true!"

Exclusive Facebook Community

You are NOT alone in this journey!

When you register, you also get access to our friendly private Facebook group, where you'll get additional training, connections with other aspiring authors, and a place to ask and answer questions 24/7. This group is a place where you can declare your self-publishing intentions so we can keep you accountable and help you stay on track. We also support each other throughout the entire-self-publishing journey, so you won't have to face your challenges on your own.


  • When does the course begin?

    You can start ANYTIME. Self-publishing Made Simple is a self-paced program, which means you can start TODAY if you're ready! You can work through the modules in your own time and get support in our course community anytime.

  • What if the material is too hard?

    This course is called, "Self-Publishing Made Simple" for a reason... we made it as simple as possible so you can take one simple, easy to follow step at a time. But if you're finding that you need extra support and accountability, don't worry, you don't have to struggle on your own. You'll have access to our friendly, private Facebook community where you can ask questions and interact with fellow students. We also hold LIVE Q&As in there every Tuesday so you won't have to do this on your own.

  • I'm VERY busy. I don't think I'll have time to do this.

    It's not really a question, but I get it. This is a common concern for many aspiring authors. But this program is designed with busy people in mind. The modules are in bite-sized chunks so you can take one small step at a time. I'm also a mom and an entrepreneur, so I understand what it's like to have a super hectic schedule. But ultimately, it is your decision to make the time now -- because once your book is done, it's done!

  • How much time should I expect to spend on the course material each day?

    This is entirely up to you. You can spend as little as 10 minutes a day to learn the course content. However, I would encourage you to block at least 5 hours a week over the next 12 weeks, if you want to finish your book in 90 days or less. Consistency is important... and keep yourself accountable. None of the materials here is "busy work". Every single action here will help you to get closer to having your book written and published to #1 best-seller on Amazon.

  • What if I can't complete all the materials in 90 days?

    No problem. While we'd support you to write and publish your book in 90 days or less, you'll have 12-months access to the course material so you can work through your book at your own pace or revisit the course material, if needed. Plus, you also get lifetime access to the Self-Publishing Made Simple Facebook Community, so you can ask questions and get support throughout your self-publishing journey and beyond!

  • Who should enroll in this course?

    You should -- if you understand how writing and self-publishing your book can have a lasting impact on yourself and others, then you need to get your book out! This course is designed to help you take one small step at a time so you can go from blank page to #1 best-seller in 90 days or less. We can do this, together. Let's make it happen now!

  • Do you offer one-to-one coaching?

    Essentially, this program is designed so you can write and self-publish your book in your own time at your own pace. However, if you need more personal accountability and support through 1:1 coaching, we offer several packages to suit your needs. Simply get in touch via email at for more information.

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